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Bath and Body Works

Here is another story I had to blog about. So I’m in Bath and Body Works to get a gift for my sister and this pretty lady was standing behind the counter. She asked if she could help me and I said I’m looking for a gift for my sister. So she start to show me these different body rubs for women and she started to rub it on me. I’m like wait I don’t want to smell like a female could I rub it on you to get the smell. She said sure so I started to rub it on her *side note* (I have on jogging pants by the way) and she starts smiling and I said what she was like that print is mighty good looking and big she laughed I laughed then I stop running the body rub on her and put her hand on my dick. She goes OH MY ??. She smiles and take me to cash out. I get to my car and look in the bag she had dropped a small note that said “Don’t leave I’m off in 5 ?. So I wait in my car until she comes out I pull up and she say follow me back to my place and this is what happened. Enjoy the clip ??